Unpacking files:

When you have downloaded the album from my site some of the really non-nerdy types might think: "What the fuck do I do with this shitty file - that's not music".

Instead of uploading every single song seperately, I have compressed every album into a .zip file. I don't want to give people a long speech about what that means and why. But if you're interested you can read the following article:

Both Windows and Mac have built in .zip extracting support. On windows you right click the file and choose extract. If I remember correctly you just double-click the file if you're on a Mac.

Download Manager:

Since it can be annoying to download only one file at a time, I link you this:

It's a really good download manager that allows you to put files in queue and download by itself, it's even possible to make it extract files automatically. It also works for sites like megaupload, fileshare, filesonic and so on.

I'm not going to write a long step by step guide to use it, but it's really simple, and it should be easy to find help by using your best friend google.